Why Coaching?

Like Stephen Covey’s concept of Sharpening the Saw,

Taking care of yourself directly correlates with improved effectiveness.

I have coached more executives and business owners than I can count. I have coached individuals and teams. I have coached about career success, business improvement, and personal decisions.

Why coaching? Because it works. All the studies about the Return On Investment (ROI) show that people who get coaching believe that the results of being coached far outweigh the costs (approximately 700% ROI).

But you’d be surprised how many of my clients have hesitated to hire a coach. They feared that taking their eye off business, even for a moment, would cause them to lose their lead.

Instead, they found new energy, new ideas, and new excitement in their career choices and their personal lives, too.

What can coaching do for YOU?

  • Live and Work with Purpose: clarify your goals and desires
  • Dump it: identify what’s holding you back and let it go
  • Increase your effectiveness: work smarter, not harder
  • Move forward: create strategies to take action
  • Deepen your commitments: stop taking your life for granted
  • Live a life you are proud of: find the balance and fulfillment in living the life you want €“ today

Professional coaching will focus and intensify who you really are and what you want to achieve . . . both on the job and in your life.

So let’s get started!
For information about a complimentary coaching session, please contact us.