Testimonials about Jean

“Bold – names the truth without flinching Insightful – sees with a clarity what is beneath the story line Loving – coaches from the heart.” — Lynne M.

“. . . passionate, smart, creative, energetic for your clients. You are able to hold the large picture for your clients and hold them to it. You boldly step in to a situation and will stay there until movement happens for your clients.” — William T.

“Intuitive and brutally, but gently honest. Willing to go the distance for greater understanding.” — Mary Ann B.

“. . . genuinely caring coach who focused on the needs of your clients. I thought you were very professional and brought a wealth of organizational experience to your coaching.” — Saul R.

“. . .you are fierce in the way you express love … you infuse humor into everything you do … your power takes even you by surprise.” — Courtney P.

“The trust was immediate. I would not have been able to say everything that I was thinking/feeling. I remember one coaching call in particular -the little voice in my head saying I cannot believe you are saying this! Yet I continued through the fear and anguish. I opened myself up to a deeply personal pain that I would not discuss in detail with any friend and yet it was ok to speak intimately with you. No judgement, no pity, no commisserating; just a knowing that I was able to create, resolve, learn and move forward. I cannot tell you how many times some of the questions you asked me still run through my head.” — Tracy N.

“You are insightful, you possess a delightful compassion that lights up a room. Your smile and grace put others at immediate ease. Sounds so romantic, doesn’t it. Hmm, that’s how I see you.” — Easter S.

“I see your genuine desire to bring out the best in others, relating in a down-to-earth fashion which puts your clients at ease. Your fascination with the dreams and deep hopes of your clients provides a safe place for them to play and explore and struggle. You have a great ability to communicate caring and genuine concern. That is powerful! Once you have created that atmosphere of authentic caring, your clients will accept and appreciate the machete, with its honesty and prodding. Your machete will work because of the foundation of safety and affirmation you naturally create!” — Carolyn H.