What is Coaching?

It’s the bridge between your current reality and your wildest dreams. Dream on!

Coaching is about making confident change.
If you are already clear and committed to a change in your life, you probably don’t need coaching. However, if you are stuck (you know the feeling?) or struggling with life and career decisions, then coaching can make the difference between inertia and progress!

Coaching can help those who revel in the fast lane to keep their life burning brightly without burning out.

Coaching can also provide accountability and support for people who want to pursue a simpler, slower, intentional lifestyle.

Coaching is not the same as giving advice. Giving advice is telling someone what to do. Coaching is about altering perspectives and patterns to the extent that clients experience a new level of power, effectiveness, and fulfillment.

(References: www.accomplishmentcoaching.com and Co-Active Coaching, Whitworth, Kimsey-House, Sandahl.)


What do we focus on first? The following Core is where much of coaching happens:

  • Rediscover your best self
    • Your core strengths
    • Your true values
    • Your unique attributes
  • Wrestle with your inner critic
    • Your internal conflict
    • Your status quo
    • Your personal albatross
  • Move your life forward
    • Make plans
    • Take actions
    • Get results
    • Learn and grow
  • You are not alone
    • We stand together
    • We shine light on your future
    • We hold each other accountable