Who are my clients?

My past clients have included:

  • Executives wanting to find more balance in their lives
  • Professionals needing an objective sounding board for business decisions
  • People in job transition looking for a new career
  • New mothers facing career options
  • Retirees reluctant to let go of one life and embrace a new one
  • Women in mid-life wanting to shed past inhibitions to express themselves more freely
  • Men in divorce wanting to step into their fatherhood more fully
  • Maybe you?
My Coaching Philosophy

Perhaps the best insight we can give about Jean Bruno Consulting comes from my Coaching Philosophy:

I believe…

  • My clients can amaze themselves and grow in ways they never thought possible
  • In the transformative power of a trusting and truthful coaching relationship
  • Even one small positive change can provide a good boost forward
  • One good boost leads to another
  • In a holistic approach to coaching that honors the complexity of each client

And I also believe in a Power whose love and caring is beyond our limited human imagination but is fully available upon our request.

My Approach
  • This is your journey of self-discovery and success. My job is to help you on this journey by giving you my complete attention, asking questions, offering ideas, clarifying values, brainstorming, pushing you out of your comfort zone, and holding you accountable for your choices.
  • You lead and I support. You choose the topics and issues for each session – those that are most important to you at the time. I believe you are already a naturally creative, resourceful, and responsible person. It is also often the case that you are already aware of the right answer for yourself and you will benefit from my help in opening your perspective, focusing your efforts, and taking action.
  • We are in this together. We each have a responsibility to this partnership that includes evaluating our working relationship and making adjustments to ensure your success.